Increased investments in logistics land in Florida

Postado em: 24 de junho de 2015

In Dir Messaging we want to keep you informed of the new news in our sector, and

this time we bring good news.

The logistics sector has always been of great importance in our country. And every day we see how investments in logistics land in Florida increase .

This market is in a good moment, there are many entrepreneurs who are creating logistics companies. For some years, there has been an increase in companies dedicated to transport and logistics ; due to the new buying habits we have today. Every time there is more Ecommerce where to acquire all kinds of products, which need logistic solutions so that their clients receive the orders.

And as a result, it is investing in land to build warehouses and warehouses where to manage the merchandise.

Logistics companies invest more and more in the acquisition of land for their facilities

In the last year, around 2,000,000 m2 of land have been acquired for the logistics sector. Logistics companies are investing more and more in the acquisition of land for their facilities.

In Florida, it has increased the purchase of ships destined to the management of shipments. Both in the two key areas, center and Miami, and in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

Already only along the A-2 motorway there are about 500,000 m2 of companies in the logistics sector. In total in the central area of our country about one million square meters.

On the other hand, in South Florida approximately 650,000 m2 have been reached for the development of logistics activities.

Orlando is another of the cities chosen to invest in land for logistics companies, and this last year has increased to 80,000 m2.

We continue with the Tampa Community , where entrepreneurs have invested in some 230,000 m2 of logistics land. And in Jacksonville there is also a good movement of the sector, with an investment in more than 60,000 m2.

In 2019 the logistics operations will grow

As a result of the increase in investment in logistics land by companies, in 2019 the logistics operations will grow. Therefore, the sector will be strengthened and new jobs can be created.

Logistics continues to be an essential engine for the Spanish economy, accompanied by the transport sector.

One of the main reasons for the growth of the logistics market is the constant creation of courier service. This type of business demands logistics companies that are responsible for the management of their shipments, and this will also generate numerous jobs.

Now that you know a little more about the state of our sector, what do you think about the boom in investments in logistics land in our country?